We’ve found it! The best “.io” game for mobile ever!

If you asked our team what our favorite “.io” game was, our answer would be an instant! …If you then, chose to rephrase your question and asked, “What is your favorite mobile .io game?” we would have had a hard time answering you… Until now! is the best “.io” game for mobile we have ever seen! Played on a small-ish board shared by 6 power hungry players, your mission in this game is to capture as much territory as possible using a forever moving cube and lots of paint…

How to Play:

At first is just hard! Unlike single player games where your computer-friend will let you win the first few round before getting serious, the players you are up against in (i.e. Real People) are dead serious from the very beginning!

After dying within the first 15 seconds of gameplay around 5-10 times we soon got the hang of things and were ruthlessly butchering any players who attempted to steal our territory! …Ok, we didn’t “always” win…😓

After an additional 30 – 40 rounds of we were no longer reviewers, we were simply a bunch of gamers addicted to an awesome new game. As hardcore addicts, the one feature we wish this game had is a full version without any ads. Although in some games the 10-second advertisement breaks between games don’t bother us, in this same 10-seconds can feel like a lifetime!

The Conclusion

Do you love online multiplayer .io games? If so this is the best mobile friendly .io game we’ve ever seen! You can now battle with players from around the world from wherever you are!

Want to give a try? The download link is just below😉

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and as always thanks for following



  1. You’re not playing against people. Why do people think this? You can pause the game. Or play it in airplane mode. That would be impossible against real people.

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