Routz – The path finding strategic puzzler!


Routz is a unique and challenging puzzle game. You have 60 seconds to reach the goal while collecting points and avoiding the enemy. Casual gamers will enjoy its quick yet challenging gameplay, while competitive gamers will want to compete for top spots on the leaderboards.

Routz is free and available on Google Play. We hate interruptions just as much as you do, so ads are completely optional and are for rewards only.


How To Play

Tap the screen to move your player and find your way to the finish point. You will want to pick up required points, collect bonuses, unlock regions and avoid enemies.

You use power while moving and gain power when stopped, but watch out, the bad guys are hunting you! Skillfully use PowerBoosts to recharge your power bar instantly!



• Contains over 40 levels to master.
• Compete for the top score and break World Records.
• 20 Google Play achievements to unlock.
• Beginner, Advanced and Expert levels of difficulty.
• Daily Gifts and Quests
• Playable offline with progress uploaded when you come online.
• Compatible with phones and tablets!
• Watch video ads to earn rewards. (optional)


About Vrchewal Studio

Vrchewal is a small game studio located in San Diego, CA. Beyond Routz, we are currently in development on a new virtual reality title for Steam that will be available soon! Check us out at

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