Looper – Pure Satisfaction In A Mobile Game

Although this article is titled “Our review of Looper by Danny Cruz” as though this is the first time we have ever had the pleasure of setting eyes on this truly spectacular game, in all honesty, this couldn’t be further from the truth…

Looper is one of our favorite games of all time and is – at the moment – my personal favorite which is why we decided to give it more of the attention it so greatly deserves.

For everyone who missed our original review, Looper is a game about two colorful looping lines, forever spiraling up the screen like a strand of never-ending DNA. Take a look at the screenshots below if you’re having trouble picturing how this works.



Anyway, getting back into the game, for anyone who has an addiction to RGB lighting, this game is deadly! Unlike many other games that advertise how frustratingly addictive they can be, Looper is just plain addictive

The way in which the colors blend into one another as you avoid obstacles is so satisfying it is almost as though you are watching one of those satisfying videos on YouTube, only you are the one controlling the satisfaction. CAN YOU SEE JUST HOW DEADLY THIS COULD GET!? 😂😂😂

With a total of 8 different color themes for you to choose from that do not need to be unlocked!! 🤯 Looper allows you to customize the color theme of each of your lines separately, which you may have noticed is the same as a high-end RGB keyboard and the beginning of an addiction…!

…if you’re already semi-addicted, this game is a bad idea…



With a gorgeous 2D design, simple controls, and not too many Ads, there really isn’t a lot preventing you from getting heavily addicted to this simple avoider game which is probably why we are featuring it yet again.

Because we can’t stop playing!!! 😱😱😱

The Conclusion

Should you download this game?

If you felt a strong desire to go out and download this game the moment we mentioned RGB this game is probably too dangerous for you… but what’s the use?

You’ve likely already left this article and are trapped in your new found addiction…

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