Rooms of Doom

Rooms of Doom is another auto-runner but it’s not endless; it has a set number of rooms for you to complete… assuming you can make it that far as it’s home to some of the hardest level seen on mobile.

Now don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t start off difficult, it actually has a rather easy beginning to lure you in and then WHAM just when you thought you were a platforming god it slaps you down.

No one really knows why but you’re in a dungeon; you, a short, chubby, pale ginger dude must navigate through all the rooms in order to save your princess (cliche yes but alas you’ve still got to do it, after all, it’s what heroes do!)

So grab your thumbs and get ready for a precision platforming experience but be warned! you will be shown your doom, over and over and over again; so If you have a short temper, rage quit, suffer from ‘gamers tourettes’ or have previously smashed your phone during gameplay, perhaps this isn’t the game you have been looking for.

Rooms of Doom

How to play?

The default control mode is auto-running and all you need is that one special finger to tap to jump, timing is everything.

Now if you prefer more control you can switch to the other control mode, “hold the left side of the screen to run and tap the right side of the screen to jump”, it gives the game a truly new feel and is a MAJOR help in some of those tricker levels for which your auto-running skills are just not up to scratch. (Now if you manage to complete the game auto-running, this is a great way of getting that extra replay value… just saying.)

As the game features these 2 control styles, you may find yourself switching between them depending on the level you are playing; it is a GREAT help along the way so don’t be afraid to use them both!

The game features a minimal number of Ads that never appear during a level which is greatly appreciated due to the short but tough nature of the levels in Rooms of Doom. But don’t be deceived by the short levels(!) you will find yourself spending more time than you bargained for on some truly fair but devilish level designs; when you die (and yes you will die) it will be all your fault…

Rooms of Doom


There are a total of 83 rooms for you to complete, each of which is a single screen fiesta of potential death. The single screen design allows you to see your path so there are no excuses for when you die.

In a rather extraordinary feat of generosity the game features a “Skip Level” feature which activates once you have died 10 times in a room; neat, now your death can continue in the next room. This is a peculiar feature for this type of game, but sometimes you just gotta skip a level to continue. In another strange twist, the level difficulty doesn’t follow a conventional pattern, a really difficult level will be followed by several easier levels; weird but at least your quest continues!

The game also features the ability to resume your quest from any previously started level; yes this means you can go back and complete those levels you skipped; neat!

All this along with over 20 achievements, a high score leaderboard and 2 awards per room, there is plenty to keep you busy.

There are more levels on the way in 3 new environments along with a new control scheme to put you in total control and a new speed-running leaderboard; speed-runners start warming up!


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