Mystic Sun

What if you could take that JRPG formula from the ’90s and adapt it to touchscreens.
That’s what Mystic Sun is all about.

The age of the guardian Erathya is about to end, the world is in chaos and evil creatures are building a tower – they want to reach the heavens. You, as the new guardian of the upcoming age, must destroy the tower before it is finished, or an age of darkness will fall upon the world. To do that you must guide your heroes, the Broccoli Knights, to overcome challenges and help the people of the world.

Mystic Sun

How to play?

The gameplay is elegant.
You select a hero by touching the status box below him and navigate by touching the tiles on the map above. Every time you touch on a tile you spend a “Step Point”. A tile may contain an item, a foe, an NPC, or a trap. Some tiles are locked and will unlock only under specific conditions.

The battle is fast-paced and intuitive. If your hero is well when you select him, he will attack. If he’s not, you have the chance to heal him or use any item available on the map. Trying to land a critical hit or heal in a moment of trouble is thrilling! And the diseases add depth to the system.

Mystic Sun


Mystic Sun is a simple yet beautiful RPG crafted for touchscreens.

  • With colorful and cute graphics;
  • Unique stages with their own theme, foes, items to find, and challenges;
  • A cool chiptune-esque soundtrack;
  • A short but funny story and rewarding side content;
  • A fast-paced battle system;
  • And lots of foes to defeat and items to collect;




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