Are you a die-hard Street Fighter fan in need of an action-packed mobile fighter game for your smartphone that “isn’t” the official mobile-optimized version of Street Fighter (by CAPCOM)? If so we have just the game to suit your very specific needs…

PPKP (short for Punch Punch Kick Punch) is a mobile fighting game in its simplest form. Set in a pixelated 2D city, your mission in this game is to take out wave after wave of enemies as you slowly gain the resources to rebuild your wrecked and ruined city.

For anyone who has played Beat Street (by Lucky Kat Studios), the storyline behind the game is pretty much the same…

Played using a total of 2 on-screen buttons which are used for Attacking, Blocking, and making Counter Attacks, and more(!), PPKP is yet another one of those games where we wished we had just a little more information on how to control our character when first learning how to play…

When Attacking: By tapping on the “Blue Button” your character will “Punch”, and by tapping on the “Left Button” your character will “Kick”.

When Defending: Depending on the color your enemies eyes flash just before they make an attack, you can either guard for a “Punch” or a “Kick” which will significantly reduce the amount of damage you receive.

When Maling A Counter Attack: By holding off and not guarding until the very moment just before you are hit you can “Block and Counter Attack” your opponent, dealing a massive amount of damage with just a single blow!

Special Attacks: By Punching and Kicking in a certain pattern you “should” be able to use a Special Attack… Unfortunately, we still aren’t exactly sure how this works.


If you feel the need for a mobile fighting game that can be played using just 2 on-screen buttons, PPKP is probably going to be just the game for you. However, don’t expect this game to be easy! Just because a game doesn’t have many buttons doesn’t mean it’s easy…

With a loveable pixelated 2D design, a minimal number Ads (if it has any at all), and loads of extra functionality we have yet to unlock/reviewPPKP is yet another great fighting game for your smartphone!

Coming soon on Android!

The Conclusion

PPKP is a really nice game, however, our review team has slightly mixed feelings.

If you’d like a game that features a full-on 2D brawling experience, Beat Street (by Lucky Kat Studios) is by far your best choice at this point in time. That being said, if you’d rather a game that requires a little less skill, and instead revolves more around timing, you’re going to have a hard time finding a game much better than PPKP…

…and so, the best solution is…! Download them both…! 😉

Want to give PPKP a try? The download link is just below.📲
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