If you follow any of the latest gaming trends on YouTube, you are probably already aware of a torturous game called Getting Over It (by Bennett Foddy) …today we’ve got a mobile clone of the popular(?) game (not by Bennett Foddy) for all the crazy people on Android who actually want to play this awful game…

HammerMan (by SupperMonkeyApps) is a game that (1) Probably breaks every copyright law in existence! (2) Has had approximately 5,000,000 downloads! (3) And is worse than the original game on PC!

After reading our short description of this game, if you are still interested in giving HammerMan a try, congratulations! You are officially insane!

Played using an awful virtual joystick to control your hammer as you carefully climb your way to the top of whatever stage you happen to be playing, HammerMan is literally one of the hardest worst games we have ever played. The UI (User Interface) is trash! 😠

To make matters worse for anyone attempting to play this game, the physics engine is also slower and less responsive than the desktop version (which is understandable considering this game is cloned for mobile devices with less processing power). Even so, it doesn’t make playing this already seemingly impossible game any easier.

Last but not least, the graphics in this game aren’t actually all that bad. Although the graphics in the real Getting Over It (by Bennett Foddy) are far better, for an unofficial mobile clone, the graphics in HammerMan are actually decent! 😮

The Conclusion

If you actually have the desire to play this awful game, by all means, chose the original! (We are currently stuck in a place we aren’t even sure if it is possible to clear on mobile.)

That being said, if all you want is a simple game you can play on your way to work so that you will be all stressed out for the long day ahead of you, go ahead and download this game! …your boss will probably fire you…😂

Want to give HammerMan a try? The download link is just below.📲
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