POP4 by Wojciech Grzesik – Review

Chain reactions are awesome! Using a single bullet, jump, boost, anything to achieve multiple things at once, gives you this sense of achievement like none other…

If you are one of these people obsessed with chain reactions, POP4 is one of the most awesome chain reaction games we’ve ever seen!

Starting off on a gridded number board, similar to 2048, your mission in this game is to literally ‘POP’ the number ‘4’. You’re probably thinking “???” right now, so let us explain a little more. By tapping on a number tile between 1 – 4 you you can increase its numerical value until it reaches the number 4. Once it reaches 4, by tapping it- it will ‘POP’ and send ‘plusses’ flying across the screen in all directions (Except diagonals).

When one of these plusses hit another tile it will add 1 to the tile’s value, and if this tile happens to be a 4 it also will pop and send plusses flying and… “MEGA CHAIN REACTION!!!”

You only have a limited amount of moves you can make per game meaning, when you run out of moves, “Game Over.” Now the awesome thing is, each time you pop a tile with a chain reaction, you are given 1 extra move. It’s quite common to clear a whole board of 10 or so tiles in 2 mega chain reactions, adding an additional 10 moves to your next game!


POP4 is like a game tailor made for chain reactions, optimized for those of us who get our joy out of achieving multiple things at once…

If your catchphrase is “Kill two birds with one stone” you seriously need to try this game!

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