If your brain is like a computer, and you find memorizing long sequences a breeze, we may have just found your ideal game! If not, we’ve still found a cool game, just it’s probably going to be a whole lot harder for us normal brained humans…

Mr Jump by 1Button SARL is a little different to your average side scrolling 2D runners. In this game the course your player runs on does not change, meaning, if you have a good enough memory, with a little practice you should be able to completely memorise the course thus becoming utterly invincible at this game! (Then all you’d need is an uncle willing to bet $20 on you losing…)

The controls you use to play this game are exceedingly simple ‘Tap to Jump,’ that’s it. So the only real tricky part is remembering what comes up next during your run.

Surprisingly, there isn’t all that much more to this game, making it one of the simplest games we’ve ever reviewed.

Mr Jump_SS1 Mr Jump_SS2 Mr Jump_SS3 Mr Jump_SS4

The Conclusion

If memorizing things comes naturally to you, playing this game will no doubt be an awesome way to show off your skills to your friends.


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