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One More Dash by SMG Studio – Review

“Just one more try!” Have you ever silently thought this to yourself as you guiltily move your finger toward the retry button? If not, here’s a game that’ll be hard to resist playing “just once more!” before going to bed…

One More Dash is another addictive “One More…” game from SMG Studio, and is, this time, more addictive than ever before. With similar graphics to its older sibling One More Line, One More Dash takes the addictive gameplay one step further. 

In this simple game, your job is to time the moment your player dashes from circle to circle up your screen by simply tapping on the screen of your device to ‘dash’. This simple concept alone would no doubt make a fun game, but added to this are ‘Shields’ and ‘Points’.

Orbiting the circles your player needs to dash to are colored shields, which come in two types, ‘Spiky’ and ‘Smooth’. The spiky shields will, if hit, instantly kill your player, pretty obvious… The smooth, are a little tricky. These shields if hit head on will mostly knock your player back into the circle it dashed from, but if hit on an angle will deflect your player off at some wild angle and into oblivion, thus “Game Over”.

At the center of most circles are up to 3 points your player can collect. These points add up to your final score, and are very important if your aim is to get a high score in the game. Unfortunately the points inside the circles your player dashes to will decrease each time you hit the shield orbiting its circle, making this game just a little more difficult and addictive…

One More Dash_SS1 One More Dash_SS2

If you’re looking for a game built to be addictive, and if you’re sure you can handle the hours of sleep deprivation that may result from having this game on your phone…

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