Polyforge – A Symphony of Shapes, Sound and Color…

“…How are we supposed to review this game…” this was the only thought that drifted through our minds as we sat wonderstruck at the game before us…

Polyforge isn’t really a game… Although it is “playable” as a game, if you’re after the type of gratification you might feel after smashing a few monsters, you won’t find it here. Instead, Polyforge offers players relaxation – a little like the peacefulness you feel when walking though an art gallery.

The “gameplay” – if we’re even allowed to call it gameplay 😓  – is based around shapes, sounds, and color, and put simply, looks amazing! Players are required to tap on the screen of their device to fire glowing triangles at all the edges of a slowly spinning object in order to clear the level.

As you may have already guessed with each new level the number of “edges” on your shape will increase, together with the overall difficulty of the game, making it just that little bit harder to clear each stage.

For players who just loved Monument Valley, Polyforge has the same type of artistic touches players who actually care about the aesthetics of the games they play will simply fall in love with…

Polyforge is a cross between a beautiful yet non functioning object (i.e. art) and a very functional but not always beautiful creation (i.e. game) to create something completely new – and somewhat strange – but awesome none the less.

If you’re into “art” or “graphic design”, we may have just found your next favorite game.

As for everyone else, unless you want your 3 year old to grow up to become the next Leonardo da Vinci, this probably isn’t the game for your gaming toddler, then again… 😉

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