ULTRAFLOW – “Awesomeness” to the Utter Extreme!

Action Games! If you love action games we’ve just found something so Awesome, so Cool, so Utterly Amazing it will no doubt take all of your willpower not to skip down to the bottom of this review and and just download it…

ULTRAFLOW is another 2D physics based game, this time based around the simple concept of rebounding. If you’ve ever played with a ball – who hasn’t?  – and tried to bounce it into a goal of sorts after rebounding it off a wall or blockade, you already know the basics of this game. A pretty simple concept… Just 100 times cooler!

If the games you played with your friends using a ping pong ball was level 1, ULTRAFLOW is level 100 with the coolest effects you’ve always wanted! With boosters, blockers, moving objects and perhaps a little too many effects – What too many effects? Never😉  -ULTRAFLOW will have you on the edge of your seat starting from the moment you start the game!

If speed and skill together will some awesome graphical effects are the most important aspect of gaming to you, you need ULTRAFLOW desperately! Quick hurry to The Conclusion!

ULTRAFLOW is a simple and easy to play physics game every action loving gamer needs to see.

With graphics that move so fast they literally become invisible, and explosive bursts of triangles to go with it, this game – although extremely simple – is no doubt one of the most exciting games we’ve reviewed to date!

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end! The download link is just below 😉

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