Sometimes the simplest things can become addictive… Have you ever had one of those strange experiences with a bunch of bored friends, a wall, and a high bounce ball? We have… Why a bunch of teenagers found bouncing a ball against a wall so addictive we still can’t quite figure out, but it was awesome! …for 10 minutes or so… 😓

REBOUND. is another strangely addictive game from the DeadCool team, this time based around well, Rebounding… Starting off with a bouncing cube, your mission in this game is to simply rebound it from one platform to another. Simple.

The moment you start the game, a cube will launch itself off a platform at a rightward angle and – without anything to stop it – will fly across the screen and smash into a wall, Game Over.

Obviously this isn’t what you want, so the moment your cube is just above the 2nd platform your job is to tap on the screen, creating a wall that blocks your cube’s flight, and “rebound” it into the 2nd platform.

In words this game sounds like a monster 😓 , but in reality, the simple one touch controls and logical physics based gameplay are super simple and easy to understand 😉

The Conclusion

If you’re after a game that is easy to play but hard to describe, this is it.

With one of the simplest concepts of physics at its core, REBOUND. is easy to play, and even easier to enjoy 😆

Need a simple game? The Download Link is just below 😉

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