PolitiCats – Has your cat got what it takes to be President…?

How many times have you thought that your cat would make a better presidential candidate than the ones actually running for president? “Almost every day?” Good, because today we’ve got a game where you can actually put your furry little friend into power…!

PolitiCats is an endless tapper game, (just like Cookie Clicker, Slash Heroes, etc) where every tap counts! Your mission in this game is to vote for your furry little friend by vigorously tapping on the screen of your device as fast as is physically possible without damaging your screen! (Ok, maybe not quite that fast…😅 )

Starting off small, (literally, you start off on a cardboard box with a bunch of random kids as your supporters) your mission is to grow your fan base by purchasing a bunch of cat loving supporters, increasing the number of votes you can submit per tap, and smashing your rivals in heated debates…! (isn’t this just what happens in real life?)

With no real strategy other than, “Tap Faster!” this game is easy to play when you need it the most, and won’t intrude on your life like some other crazily addictive games.

The perfect companion to have on your phone for those situations in which you don’t want to start a game you can’t put down in a hurry.

Need a casual game you can play on and off without missing out on anything? If so, this may just be the game you’ve been waiting for!

(Actually, you’ll gain money even while the game is closed meaning, you won’t miss out on anything by not playing the game, you’ll actually gain stuff!)

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