One More Jump – A game you’ll want to play just one more time…

“Just once more!” …How many times have you thought these words to yourself before pressing the “Try Again?” button…?

One More Jump is the latest game added to the SMG Studio’s “One More” family, (One More Line and One More Dash) and boy is it cool! Based around a happy looking cube, 60+ levels (new levels added every month) and a bunch of floating blue cubes, this game is nothing like its two older siblings!

One More Jump is the first “One More” game designed to be cleared. Although challenging and sometimes even frustratingly difficult, none of the levels in One More Jump feel impossible… or at least, most of the time they don’t…😉

One More Jump is set in a 2 dimensional stage filled with obstacles, cool gimmicks, and a total of 3 floating blue cubes or “Points”. Played using simple “Touch to Jump” controls, your mission in this game is to jump your way around each stage while collecting “points” and avoiding obstacles.

Although this in itself isn’t a particularly new or revolutionary concept, the level to which the SMG studio polished and refined this game is simply remarkable! If you like quality games, this is going to be a hard one to beat…

Need a super high quality 2D platformer that will keep you up till 2am playing just one more game?

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