Pocket Rush – What is a racing game without a steering wheel…!?

Pocket Rush is a very new type of racing game. Set on a normal racecourse with normal cars, traveling at a normal speed, everything looks exactly the way you would expect to find it… Until you instinctively search for the steering wheel and find “nothing!”

Pocket Rush is the first mobile game we’ve ever played without a steering wheel, and we must say it is… “Different😓 ” For players who have always played racing games using their super fast reaction times and superior cornering abilities to crush their opponents, this game will definitely be a difficult switch.

Due to the fact that you have nothing but an accelerator to control your car, the only way in which you can overtake an opponent is by carefully adjusting the speed at which you swerve around corners, and by modifying your car.

For players like us who love racing games that require a high level of skill and concentration, Pocket Rush will probably feel a little too simple, but for players who normally don’t play racing games on their mobile devices, Pocket Rush the perfect place to start!

With beautiful graphics, a simple user interface, and best of all playable using a single button, this game is one of the best places to start your mobile racing career. (Unless of course, you’d rather go straight into full on racing!)

Need a simple new racing game for your mobile device? Well, you’ve come to the right place because this is the simplest racing game we’ve ever seen!

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