Dragon Sword – A simple RPG designed for maximum funness!

Do you love RPG? (Role Playing Games) We do, especially when the main character looks a little like Kurosaki Ichigo from the insanely popular Bleach series😆

Dragon Sword is a simple 3D RPG from the GameRepubliq Team you might want to check out. (Especially if you find full-on RPG’s long and annoying) Played using simple tap controls that don’t require a high level of skill, and with no long winded quests that require you to walk from map to map defeating the same enemies 6 and 7 times over, this game is perfect for casual users who would like to play an RPG but normally wouldn’t have the time.

With no limitations on your gameplay such as internet connectivity, Pay to Play Blocks, or any other such obstacle to get in the way of your fun, Dragon Sword may actually be one of the best RPG’s for “Just Having Fun” currently on the market.

Sure the graphics aren’t anything like that of Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, but overall this game is fun, exciting, and is an enjoyable way to waste a bit of your spare time.

What more could you want?😉

So, how long have you made Apps or Games for?

I have made native android apps for 4 years now.

I have also spent 1 year in ios, and 3 years in game dev as a whole.

Is this your first creation?

In a sense this is my very first self published game, although I have already worked in a company that created mobile games. This is my indie game 😊

What do you use to make your apps or games?

I’ve worked on making games since flash (actionscript 3) then moved upwards from there. For the past 3 years, I’ve been using unity3D for my game development.

So, tell us about your app!

Hmm, where to start…

I’m an old school gamer, and really wanted to relive the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) days where you’d just turn on the console and play on it all day, my personal favorites are action adventure games/platformers like mario and megaman, hence the game is kinda inspired from it, being action adventure.

The game is about the adventures of Ryu (not related to street fighter Ryu) on his quest to vanquish the guardians enslaving the world of Seven.

At first I wanted it to be 3rd person style, like Diablo, but then I had been watching a series called Wakfu Mini, and it had a very good concept of the world, and so decided to make the game’s aesthetics similar to it, which is a spherical world (if you haven’t checked out wakfu mini and like animation, you should check it out).

The game is quite simple (no complex stat systems/ skill trees/ forging) cause its main focus is just the gameplay, simplified combat system, and quick thinking to survive the many hordes of the guardians.

The game only has one basic system for upgrading your hero, you upgrade his attack/defense/health and that’s it. Everything else, from your damage and skills scales up along with your “Stat Upgrades”.

On a side note, I veered away from the trend of mobile games today especially the adventure/rpg ones where you are required to have an internet connection to play it, pay to win/proceed blocking, like literally you can finish the game straight without needing those, it’s just purely skill based, sticking true to my beliefs that a game should be played without boundaries, and let the player enjoy it as much as he can.

I’m trying to update the game as much as I can in terms of content and update, though I have limited time working on it since I have a day job lol, being an indie developer is hard at most. As of the time of writing I’m about to release the second Act of the game, which is set in the desert, and it will add a huge amount of content for the game, to the next update… Enjoy the game!

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