OffShore Surf Game: Surf is Up Brooo!

Are you in love with surfing or the surf lifestyle? Get into the vibe of a surfer’s life, catching waves like a pro while trying to avoid all the other surfers on this crowded beach.

Now, what do you think about saving the ocean while surfing? Because on this beach, you have a mission: to clean as much of the ocean as you can while surfing!

OffShore Surf Game

How to play?

OffShore Surf Game is all about simplicity, just swipe in the direction you would like to move in order to move your player in that direction. If your surfer soul is telling you to go to the right then go to the right, if not, maybe consider veering over to the left?

In OffShore Surf Game, it is totally up to you!

OffShore Surf Game


– Endless Gameplay, you decide on how far you can go!!!
– Simple and Easy Gameplay
– Amazing Music



OffShore Surf Game

About – Inner

Inner, is composed of myself (Pedro Santos Azevedo), a guy who is taking a Business Administration course in Brazil and realized that life is too short not to do what you really like.

This is my first project, and it started at the beginning of this year (2018) as an attempt for a competition. I joined with my girlfriend (Maria Eduarda Costa) who made the art and one of my best friends (Giovanni Lucas Sant’ana) who composed the amazing soundtrack for this game.

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