Idle Sweeper – Yeeeeah… No. An idle game that is just a little too simple for us…

In general, we like clicker games. Whereas a lot of hard-core gamers don’t even consider an idle clicker game to be a game, we actually like them. So when we say this game is ok-ish you know it is coming from a team that generally likes these types of games.

Idle Sweeper (by Yarr Games) is a game that makes an idle clicker game look like hard work. Meet the world’s first idle “watcher” game! …ok you can do more than just watch, but not a lot more…

Played by swiping on the screen of your device in order to change the direction in which your player moves, your mission in Idle Sweeper is to gobble up unsuspecting yellow blocks on a gridded 2D stage in order to gain points. At first you will need to control the direction in which your player moves, or else you will end up stuck against a wall, but as soon as you gain enough points to buy your first automatic helper, it is essentially GAME OVER… there is essentially nothing left for you to do.

As a fan of most clicker games, we had high hopes for this game going in, but as it stands right now, would struggle to recommend this game to anyone…

With a truckload of Ads for you to enjoy, horrible animations (Seriously? Only the starter character is animated!?), and an offline mode that keeps earning you points even while the app is closed, this game could definitely use some work.

The Conclusion

Do we recommend this game? At this stage “NO.” Go download Cookie Clicker or something instead. That being said, we have seen many developers make drastic improvements to their games thanks to user feedback and software updates, so we also think it is a little too soon for us to rule this game out all together…

Hopefully, it will improve over time… please animate the other characters…!

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