MiniGolf Endless MMO

MiniGolf Endless MMO by Superfluid Games is a super easy-to-play golf game for your iOS device. If you prefer to play relatively easy games, you’ll probably find MiniGolf Endless MMO perfect for your needs.

The game system is super easy to understand, all you do to hit the ball is touch, pull back, aim, and shoot, the simplicity is awesome, and really the rest is just normal golf. The only problems, if you could even call them that, that I experienced while playing were that this game could sometimes be just a little too simple.

Firstly, it took us quite a while to figure out what the hundreds of white dots that appear each time you hit were. Some thought it was the wind, while others where adamant it was just a decoration, we eventually figured out that it was probably showing other players, but really, it’s still only a guess.

Also the wind was a bit of a mystery, is there wind or not?

I guessed that the arrow in the upper left hand corner represented the wind and its direction, but we were never really able to figure it out for sure…

As you can see, there are no real major issues or bugs with the game and really, there is no need to know what the white dots are nor whether or not there is any wind in order to play the game.

Just, as a new user, I would find this game a little less puzzling if there was a little more explanation.

MiniGolf Endless MMO is an awesome little game, and really is pretty easy to play. If you’re a golf fan plus an 8 bit fan you’ll have a hard time finding a better game.

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