Sky is certainly the most beautiful game I’ve seen by Ketchapp. The graphics are astonishingly smooth, and the price is as low as it can get, there is not much more you could want from a game as good as this.

The only problem I could find with this pretty much perfect game was how difficult it is. I’m not sure if an average gamer or younger child could play this game…

For people who like difficult games, or for people who are just really good at games, this game is definitely a thumbs up all round, but for normal players this game may get a little annoying.

If you are the type to easily get frustrated with hard games, this probably isn’t the game for you. If you’re a serious smartphone gamer just looking for a new game to take on, I’d love to see you try Sky.

Slow down, Block it, and now Sky, we’re really looking forward to seeing what Ketchapp has in stock for us next…

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