Blocky Highway

Blocky Highway is an awesome game, and is so in many ways. Firstly the graphics: this game is basically a 3D game that looks like a 2D game.

The entire world is made of 3D cubes coloured to look like pixels so as to give the whole game world a really cool 3D but yet 2D effect. If you’re a designer looking for inspiration, you should really check this game out.

Next up is the game system: this I’m not too sure about. Blocky Highway can actually be a little terrifying, depending on who’s playing it… After watching how a fellow colleague played in FREE RIDE mode, I decided not to ask him for a lift…

Let’s say, it isn’t a game you should play in front of your girlfriend before driving her to the movies.

Blocky Highway is an awesome game, and as long as you’re not playing it in front of your girlfriend you should be safe.

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