Light-It Up – By far the prettiest stickman game we have ever played

Normally people don’t associate stickmen with prettiness.  Although it probably does happen – the internet is a big place after all – as far as we are aware, Light-It Up (by Crazy Labs) is the prettiest stickman game we have ever played.

Set in a mostly black void, empty of all objects except for a few geometric shapes which can be found floating around here and there, your mission in this game is to light things up by jumping from one shape to the next like a sort of free runner in space. Although there is some gravity, there isn’t a lot, so things act a little different to how you would probably first expect.

Played by tapping on the left and right sides of the screen in order to jump either left or right you, you can either “Single Jump” or “Double Jump” from one object to the next until you have lit up every geometric shape on the board!

Although the game isn’t too hard to play, it can be surprisingly easy to mess up in a way which makes the level physically impossible to clear. 😱 For instance, just like in the real world, your momentum is transferred to the object you jump onto, causing objects to slowly drift apart until something stops them from moving.

This means that if you’re not quick, you can sometimes drift so far away from all the other shapes that it is impossible to get to your next shape… which is practically a GAME OVER right there…

Other than that, the game is actually fairly straightforward. With no unlockable skins or $10 weekly VIP subscriptions, this game features nothing but the essentials. With an abundance of tricky levels for you to conquer and simple controls which make doing so easier than ever, Light-It Up is an extra pretty game just in time for the holiday season!

Our only complaint? There are a lot of ads…

The Conclusion

If you’re in for a colorful new adventure to brighten up your Christmas, New Year’s, and perhaps even longer? (There are a lot of levels in this game…) Light-It Up is a fun little game we enjoyed both playing and reviewing!

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