Crowd City – Oh man! We are definitely not the good guys in this game…

Have you ever stopped to consider the possibility that the games you play are actually real – taking place in a sort of alternate universe where the pixelated characters on our screen used to live peacefully until you showed up…?

If the people in Crowd City by Voodoo are actually somehow real, we are really sorry, because there is no way we are the good guys in this game! 😅

Crowd City is a game about gathering followers, but not in the sense you are probably familiar with. Set in a surprisingly large and detailed 3D city, your mission in this game is to gather as many followers as possible by bumping into random people you find on the streets in order to infect them with your color.

If you’ve seen our review of by Zuuks Games or our review of SHEEP.IO by Ammonite Design Studios, Crowd City is basically the same game.

Once you have infected someone, they will then begin helping you infect others, allowing you to build up a bigger and bigger following, the more people you “convert” – like some sort of grand cult leader! 😱😱😱

Now obviously Crowd City wouldn’t be much of a game if you didn’t have opponents, and well, your opponents in Crowd City are actually… Kind of different…

You see, if your opponent has even one more follower than you do, they can take you out, and there is virtually nothing you can do about it! That having been said, the opposite is also true which means that growing big at the start is incredibly important! If you’re not either first or second within the first 30 seconds of gameplay, it is going to be really hard for you to win in this game! 😓

Either way, whether you win or lose, Crowd City features a very nice 3D design, highly animated characters with no faces 😱, as well as a bunch of different color skins for you to choose from without having to unlock anything!

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to lead either a cult, a pyramid scheme business, or a zombie apocalypse(!) then this is the game for you – because all three of them are perfect examples of what this game feels like… 😂

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