Lazaretto – Creepy, atmospheric thriller for fans of classic Survival Horror!


Lazaretto is an immersive first-person indie survival horror game that puts players in the shoes of an urban explorer – whose investigation of a creepy abandoned quarantine island turns into a strange, surreal and dangerous adventure. Atmospheric and surreal, Lazaretto offers a glimpse of a bizarre world beyond human consciousness.

A Lazaretto is the historical name for a quarantine station for maritime travelers.

It’s night. You’re all alone, exploring the decaying ruins of an abandoned quarantine island that closed down in 1922. Find and collect mysterious clues along your journey. Bits and pieces of forgotten artifacts reveal a dark, dramatic and haunted past.

This is only the beginning. You discover unsettling, living nightmares far beyond normal. A mysterious, ghostly seance from the past begs for your participation. Connection with this strange place leads to a physical manifestation of the subconscious. Fears and anxieties create a surreal world that you must survive if you want to see another day. You begin to wonder which of these worlds is real and more importantly, which one can you survive!


How to play?

Investigate the quarantine island. Survive the night!

Control your (1st person) player using simple touch controls. We use dynamic, floating virtual joysticks for moving and looking around. Lifting your thumb and placing it down sets the joystick’s position. This eliminates the issue many mobile games have where your thumbs “slide off” virtual joysticks.

Interact with items by double-tapping them. A jump button helps players get to areas that are hard to reach otherwise. A journal keeps track of your progress, plus provides some much-needed clues!

Lazaretto is combat-free Survival Horror so you’ll have to use your wits when facing dangerous adversaries.



A SURREAL ADVENTURE – Get lost in the eerie mystery of a story and a bizarre world in which not everything can be explained

IMMERSIVE AUDIO – Pack your headphones: the decaying environment coupled with eerie sound design makes this the most atmospheric horror game on the App Store!

HORRIFYING CREATURES – Terrifying creatures modeled by Fabrizio Bortolussi (District 9, Silent Hill) and animated by Dhaval Soni (GTA V)

COMBAT-FREE GAMEPLAY – Armed with only a flashlight, you’ll need to use your wits to avoid dangerous and horrific adversaries

NO ADS OR IN-APP PURCHASES – No hidden fees or anything to disrupt your gaming experience




About – Iron Monkey

We are a two-person team of game industry veterans based out of Wilmington, Delaware. We are obsessed with horror and are currently working on Lazaretto – Chapter 2!

When not working on our own horror games, we develop promotional games for everyday household brands like Disney, Transformers, Hot Wheels, Nickelodeon, Sony Pictures and more.

We also develop VR games and simulations – our latest being a medical simulator for Stanford University.

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