Land Sliders

Land Sliders by Prettygreat has one of the most interesting concepts we’ve ever seen!

You can travel through an entire 3D world by simply scrolling, no annoying on screen buttons! This is achieved by locking the player in the centre of your screen, and instead of moving the player,  moving the ground beneath your players feet via scrolling.

This gives a really cool sliding effect making it look as if your player is sliding around his 3D world, which is probably the basis of the name- Land Sliders.

Using your scrolling techniques, your goal is to slide your player safely around floating sky islands inhabited by; bears, dinosaurs on pogo sticks, and turtles carrying cactus, and probably much much more…

Ok, the one last thing we must tell you is, this game is for small children, not adults. If you find this game boring it is probably because you are too old for it. If we had a kids only section, which we currently don’t, this game would definitely be an A ranked game.

For adults you could expect to get at least a B ranks worth of fun out of this game.

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