1010! by GramGames is a game for all those puzzle fans out there. It is basically Tetris, but with no falling blocks, no time limit, no stacking from the bottom up, nothing… So where has the Tetris gone?

Don’t worry, it’s still there, when you start 1010! you’ll be given three pieces at a time to place anywhere on on the gridded screen that is not preoccupied.

Make a line that touches both edges of the screen and boom you’ve cleared out a row. This may seem easy, and in fact is, at first…

As you progress you’ll find the screen begins to get more and more crowded due to the small mistakes you make along the way until eventually you’ll have a pieces that just won’t fit on the screen.

The game system is perfect for a mobile device, and since there is no time limit, you can put it down and come back to it any time without worrying about dying.

If you’re a Tetris fan, or just a genuine puzzle fan, we’d strongly recommend you try this simple but challenging puzzle game.

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