Kitten Up

Kitten Up is the first game developed by the Five Pixel Studio Team for Android. (It isn’t available on the Apple App Store yet, but an iOS version is currently in development.) Inspired by the Flappy Bird game style, this game is simple and easy to play. It is played using a cat that floats up with a balloon and dodges obstacles.

The game is still in development, and currently has a Google Play Games Score as well as a Skins Store which is expected to feature many more unlockable skins in the future.

Kitten Up

Our plan is to complete more of the game based on the feedback we receive from players. I repeat, the game is still in development and is the first game from Five Pixel Studio. We would love you to try Kitten Up and share your opinion with us.

Kitten Up is a game to pass the time, the difficulty goes up as time passes, making it more and more difficult for you to manage. Without much more to say, I hope you try it and share your opinions with us, I promise you’ll enjoy the game ’cause it is developed with love.


  • Cute Characters
  • Various Skins
  • Google Play Games Score
  • Beta Released


About – Five Pixel Studio

Five Pixel Studio is an indie game development team from San Luis, Argentina. Our team includes Jose Suarez, Leandro Sosa, Lautaro Careglio, Franco Bornancini, Marcos Maldonado and Erik Schaub. Kitten up is our first game on the Play Store and we are planning on making bigger projects this year.

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