Have you ever stared up at the ceiling of your home and wondered what would happen if it suddenly dropped down toward you…? Would you have time to quickly duck down under something? What would it hit first, and how could you get into that small safe pocket of space in time to not get squashed…?

Crevice Hero (by I am a Game) is a game that requires you to search for safe places to hide while collecting gems in an ever-changing cave of death. 💀 Played in a very dangerous cave where the ceiling collapses every few seconds, your mission in this game is to dash from one crevice to the next while collecting gems.💎

Played using a simple set of 3 on-screen controls that allow you to move left and right as well as jump, Crevice Hero is a game that tests your ability to spot an opportunity and take it before it’s too late…

Because your player will automatically collect gems as you run, the real challenge in this game is to find safe gaps in the cave as you frantically dash from one place to the next which is surprisingly difficult to do. By carefully observing the shape of the cave above and below your player, your mission in this game is to figure out where would (and wouldn’t) be a safe place for you to hide when the roof collapses down upon you.

For the first 3 sudden-collapses, you’ll find a yellow indicator on the stage showing you where to hide, but after that, you are all on your own…

Sometimes you’ll get it right and survive and other times you’ll mess up and get crushed. In most cases, you’ll think you are standing in the right place until the very moment you get crushed. …GAME OVER…😢

With a number of unique pixelated characters for you to unlock, Crevice Hero has beautiful graphics, simple controls, and is fun and easy to play.

The Conclusion

If you’re looking for a game to test out your observational skills, Crevice Hero is fast, fun and easy to play. What more could you want or need!?

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