The development of Just Don’t wasn’t an ordinary process because we didn’t have a concept at all in the beginning. One of us bought a digital drawing table for sketching game ideas, planning UI and learning some drawing. He drew an Arkanoid-like racket, a ball and that was enough for us to all vote on the game’s style. The idea of continually shifting images comes from the famous Cuphead’s design where everything is always moving.

The prototype was made in a few hours, a moveable racket, a bouncy ball and blocks that fall from above with ever-changing images, and we liked it. We had a lot of ideas about which way we should go from here, but in the end, we all agreed, that we should make it as “Simple” and “Evil” as possible while still keeping it as “Fair” as we could. After that, during a few weekends we implemented the usual stuff (menu, settings, etc.), tweaked the behavior of the in-game objects a little, and now it’s in both stores (Apple App Store and Google Play) already.


Just don't

How to play?

The base is the same as the old Arkanoid gameplay. The ball is controlled using a racket you can use to hit the blocks that appear from the top of your screen. When you hit a block, its life is reduced by one. When it reaches zero, it disappears and gives you a point. The racket is able to turn, depending on how fast you move it. With this, you can influence the movement of your ball.

After some time, all of the blocks will move down one line and a new line of blocks will appear at the top of your screen. The goal is to stop any of the blocks or the ball from touching the bottom line of the screen labeled “Hell”.

You begin the game with 3 balls. If you lose all your balls and a block reaches the “Hell” zone then it is GAME OVER.

Just don't


We didn’t want to make a perfect copy of the Arkanoid game, so we put some twists in the gameplay.

One example is how each time the blocks move down their lives are increased. When you hit a block but its life hasn’t run out, in the next move its life is increased by one, just to make the player’s job more difficult.

Another twist is how the blocks are able to go below the racket where you can still hit them with the ball, however, you need to pay attention so as to save them from the “Hell” zone.

We created two different control modes you can choose from in the settings menu. Choose the one that is perfect for you! All ideas and advice are welcome, you can look for us on Facebook, Twitter or even email!


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Just don't

About – Phone Software Kft.

Our office was started three years ago, previously our team was in the field of IT system administration, but after more than 10 years we started looking for new challenges. This is when we decided to develop mobile games.

We have gradually begun to terminate our clients and at the same time, we’ve started to learn game developing. We were able to meet a few old game developers, from whom we learned a lot. For now, we’ve made some simpler and smaller games, but we’re working on bigger projects!

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