interview with ZPLAY – The publishers of Inner Circle

Inner Circle is an awesome game by the amazingly talented developer NORMAN ROZENTAL, but for serious mobile game enthusiasts, you may have noticed the publisher name isn’t “NORMAN ROZENTAL” and is instead ZPLAY. 

That’s because Inner Circle was published by a game publisher.

Today we’d like to share with you our first ever interview with a game publisher ZPLAYFor developers this interview is a must, you need to read this interview! For everyone else, though reading this interview may not be directly linked to your success as a game developer, it’s pretty awesome so we recommend checking it out😉

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Before we start, we’d like to thank Jane Wang from the ZPLAY Team for participating in our interview, and for spending some of her valuable time answering our questions. Thanks Jane.

Now without any further ado our interview begins.


Ok first up, so what exactly is a game publisher?

We are a professional mobile game publisher in China. We are devoted to providing top service for small and medium-sized game developers, making full use of our huge channel resources and experiences, helping small and medium-sized game developers to promote their games and help them to deliver the highest overall revenue.


Sounds good! So what are the benefits of working with a publisher when creating games?

Generally, a publisher can decide what the game is going to be. Although developers are usually very proficient in the creativity and gameplay of their games, they often lack a strong market analysis ability, without sufficient resources and experiences to compete in the fierce market. A publisher can help developers to better promote their games, and gain more attention and recognition from players.


Cool, so why did you decide to publish Inner Circle? What was it that made you think, “We need this game!”

Inner Circle is a super addictive and fun title, which has rather few “other” games that can compete with it in the market. The gameplay of matching rings was a big surprise to us. Meanwhile, players who are looking for beautiful visuals are increasing. So we needed a game with colors being its main element to compete for more market space. Inner Circle is indeed outstanding. It has been featured in 121 countries on the Apple App Store.


Here’s a question for our developer fans, how exactly do you find a good game publisher for your game?

First of all, through international conferences, such GDC, PGC, etc, where publishers are glad to communicate with developers face to face. Secondly, the strong social functions in Facebook and Twitter, also work as a cooperative tie between publishers and developers. As long as developers can develop creative and innovative games, publishers can always discover them.


Just like when developing games, we’re sure not everything goes to plan when publishing games. What was the hardest problem you needed to overcome when publishing Inner Circle?

Yes, what you have mentioned really is the truth. It is a challenge to balance the relationship among 3rd parties, eg. CP – (Content Providers), channels, etc. As a Chinese publisher, it is not easy to gain the trust from overseas CP. Meanwhile, we have to keep the originality of Inner Circle, keeping its original gameplay while localizing it. Overall, you will find it is worthwhile, because Inner Circle has already gained the attention of global players.


A few words to Inner Circle fans on Edamame Reviews.

Splendid colors will conquer your eyes. Meanwhile you can enjoy the easy gameplay and beautiful music in Inner Circle. You can also share your highest score with your friends. Inner Circle is a game you must play!


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