Inner Circle by ZPLAY – Review

If “you” the reader reading this review happen to be a robot, this is probably going to be the most boring game we’ve ever reviewed. If however, you happen to be a human, today’s game is going to be… challenging…

Inner Circle is a game so obvious and unchallenging it wouldn’t be amusing in the slightest if you happen to be a robot The entire game revolves around a central color wheel you, as the player, must grow by overlapping slowly descending color rings. The rings are colored in the same way as the inner circle and must be rotated to match its position.

As you can probably tell from the description above Inner Circle is an extremely simple game that – if played by a robot – would look like pure boringness… We are not robots… We are humans that easily get flustered, confused, and make stupid mistakes, and this game takes advantage of it all!

Inner Circle – in theory – shouldn’t be a difficult game, the concept is simple, and the controls are easy to use, but when you see numerous color wheels quickly descending toward the center of your circle, human nature kicks in and simple things suddenly become confusing.

The simple but effective way in which this game approaches funniness, is extremely interesting as both a developer and a reviewer, but most importantly is fun and challenging as a player.

If you’d like a relatively fast paced puzzle / action game Inner Circle is an awesome choice with a total of 250 unique brain twisting levels.

Who knows, this may be the game that teaches you to embrace your easily flustered and confused human nature

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