NinjAwesome by GameResort – Review

“Ninja are Awesome” do we all agree? Yes? Good, end of review… What!?

NinjAwesome may just be the most fitting name for a ninja game we’ve ever seen. With a simple yet very fitting title, NinjAwesome is a fast paced runner game ninja fans have to check out, and yes it isn’t endless!

For all those gamers sick of playing games that go on forever, requiring you to avoid the same obstacles over and over again just in a different order, NinjAwesome isn’t endless! Each stage is a separate quest with a different objective meaning you’ll need to equip your daring black spy with different skills to better achieve different missions.

With over 80 different weapons to unlock and a heap of upgrades to complete, this game should last you quite a while but what may be best of all is the ease at which you can control your player.

With sliding strikes, dropkicks, jumping, and shuriken throwing, all controllable with a few simple swipe and tap gestures, NinjAwesome is no doubt one of the easiest ninja games control-wise we’ve ever reviewed.

Last but not least, NinjAwesome features nice arcade style bit graphics that, depending on how old you are, may just bring back memories from your days as a youngster😉

If you’re after a decent runner game – with levels – or a cool action packed ninja game, or perhaps even both! NinjAwesome will fit your needs perfectly!

Love ninja? Why not give it a try? The Download link is just below😉

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