Rodeo Stampede by Featherweight Games – Review

Just for starters, if you ever find a zoo like this, let us know, we’ll be there tomorrow…! …or at least within the next few days or so…😉

Rodeo Stampede is a cross between two different games, an animal collection game such as Dragon Vale and an avoider / runner game such as Beat Racer, and boy is it high quality!

Both Rodeo Stampede’s runner portion and collector portions of the game could in a sense be released as two separate games! Although it obviously wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun as it is in one package. Due to this game’s sheer size today we’re going to cover the runner half of this game and leave the animal collection half up to you to discover.

Rodeo Stampede is – just as you’d expect – a rodeo plus a stampede, and is a combination inspired by pure genius! Your player / zoo owner starts off where you’d expect to find any real cow boy, at the center of a raging stampede and is required to jump from animal to animal while avoiding obstacles and other slower animals.

Your objective during this insanely awesome run is to jump onto the back of a new and exotic animal, and to ride it – like a rodeo – until you befriend it! Once you’ve befriended an animal it will appear in your zoo, attracting more customers and more cash, but that’s for you to discover.

As you may have guessed the controls will take a little getting used to, but once you’ve figured everything out, this game is so awesome you won’t want to put it down💧

If you’ve got around 17 hours of spare gaming time, feel free to download Rodeo Stampede, otherwise, be warned, this game is almost impossible to put down!

Both for those of you who love action games and for those of you who love collection games, this will fit all of your needs and more!

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