Hexa Mosaic – A unique new puzzle game

If you are reading this, you have likely already played countless puzzle games so far and you are probably looking for something new. Well, look no further, because here it is: a combination of the all-time favorite jigsaw puzzle style games and the popular Hexa Block type games: Hexa Mosaic.

How is Hexa Mosaic uniquely different from the hundreds of other puzzle games available on Android? The puzzle mechanic in this game is one of a kind – unlike any of the other games available on the Google Play Store. Complete hand-crafted mosaic pictures that are separated into colored hexagon blocks, giving you a unique way to train your logic.

Hexa Mosaic

How to play?

Each mosaic picture is separated into block-clusters of various different shapes and colors. When you put them together in the right way, they form a unique image of something: it could be a vehicle, a fruit, a character or many other things.

When you start a puzzle, you will find the block pieces on the bottom of the screen and the empty shape in the middle. You can touch and drag each block to the shape, but don’t forget that the colors must also be in the right place! Don’t worry, a little image in the corner will show you what you have to “build” from your blocks, and can be enlarged or even moved around the screen however you like.

You can also use “Hints” to help you on a difficult puzzle or even skip a level entirely.

Hexa Mosaic


✔ Fun for the whole family. It is easy to play this free jigsaw puzzle game designed for all ages. Kids will also learn how to play it quickly while having a lot of fun!

✔ 45+ colorful images of various shapes: Animals, Vehicles, Funny things and so much more – Children will love it too! All of these beautiful mosaic boards are carefully crafted by hand.

✔ A unique entertaining logic training experience – all solutions require you to plan, think, and to see the big picture – similar to jigsaw puzzle games.

✔ No time limit. Take your time to think and relax while you play!

✔ Three difficulty settings with increasing challenges.

✔ Helpful options: “Skip”: Press the Skip button to jump over a level that you do not like or find too difficult. “Hint”: Press the “?” button in the top right corner to get some help with the actual mosaic challenge

✔ Collect coins and rewards for each Hexa Mosaic you solve! You can use coins for the following: Unlock new difficulty settings, buy more Skip or Hint options or unlock different Background Themes! Each theme has a dynamic animation which can be turned off anytime.

✔ The game is free to play!



Hexa Mosaic

About – JuraGames

We’re JuraGames, an indie game studio focusing on games that bring a side of uniqueness into play. Hexa Mosaic shows this as it differentiates from the competition through its manually crafted boards and the hybrid mosaic gameplay.

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