Chain Circles – How many waves can You survive?

Are you tired of playing complicated games that sometimes take you longer than an hour just to understand what’s going on? Chain Circles is an endless 2D game with balls and circles that reflects old-school arcade games, like a ball breaker!

The most important rule I follow when making mobile games is: They should be as simple and clear as possible. Have you ever waited in a queue at a doctor’s office or gotten bored while waiting for a friend? Do you miss old retro style time-killers? Well, maybe Chain Circles is the game you’ve been waiting for…

Chain Circles

How to play?

Defend the bottom line, don’t let circles touch them!

Make your move by simply touching and dragging in order to aim. When you’ve set your angle just right, release your finger from the screen and watch as your chain of balls destroys the circles above! Remember the angle and prediction are your two biggest weapons!

To clarify: You make your move by dragging and releasing your finger, but that doesn’t mean that the game is super easy. Every wave gets harder and harder with double, decimal and triple circles that will go down every row to reach your bottom line.

Chain Circles


◆ Super easy to play. Just Drag & Launch your chain of balls and watch as the complex physics mechanics unfold.

◆ Ball Breaker arcade style. Calculate trajectories so that you hit as many circles as possible. You can also speed it up.

◆ 6 upgradable balls to unlock. Each with its own abilities making various changes in the gameplay mechanics.

◆ Make chain reactions to help you. The more collisions you make, the more damage and chain reactions you generate!

◆ Spin The Wheel and see what reward you got!

◆ Colorful gameplay. Various colors define enemies toughness for even better vision.

◆ Complex mechanics. They make the game more attractive and interesting, but it’s still easy to play.

◆ Useful hints for better game understanding.

◆ Achievements & Leaderboards. Unlock many trophies by playing the game and challenge your friends to see who’s better at Chain Circles. Create your own chain circle and watch the score increase.



Chain Circles

About – Dominik Zator

I am Dominik, a young developer from Poland that is starting a mobile game dev journey. I have my own rules in making games. A mobile game should be: free to play, clear to understand, and hard to master.

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