Hello Stars

Have you ever wondered what type of games Psychopaths “probably” enjoy? If so, today we have just the game for you. You’ve likely already seen countless Ads on Facebook and Instagram, and here comes our review.

Hello Stars (by Fastone Games) is a mean game… Set in what looks to be a doodle, your mission in this game is to keep a stick man awake for as long as possible using a pencil and a red ball you can use to drop on his head.

As you progress through the game, (and start really depriving your stickman of sleep), you will find him sleeping in more and more obscure places and situations, making the game just a little harder and damaging your conscience as a human… 😃 ➡️ 😈

Played by drawing on the screen of your device in order to create whatever jumps, blockades, bridges etc. are needed to land your ball on your stickman’s head, you are given a shocking amount of “ink” to play with, meaning you can draw up some rather elaborate solutions to the simple problems you are presented with in Hello Stars.

Featuring over 200 unique physics-based puzzles for you to complete, (and surprisingly not too many Ads!?) Fastone Games weren’t lying when they called Hello Stars – #1 Time Killer!”

Although the levels in this game do become more challenging over time, overall they stay much the same – simple and easy to understand! With a clean doodle style design, a hint of humor in almost every level, and a heap of different skins you can use to customize your gameplay, the Ads tell the truth.

Hello Stars is actually a fun little puzzle game for iOS and Android which may just help you discover how much of a psychopath you truly are. 😃

The Conclusion

Are you looking for a game where you play the role of the bad guy? If so, this is the game for you. We are 99.9% sure you are the villain in 99.9% of the levels in this game…😈

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