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Four Seconds – A timer and simple rule, stop it at exactly four seconds.

Four Seconds is a simple game based on a very simple rule: stop a timer as close to four seconds as possible. A modern version of stopwatch games people used to play at Casinos back in the day.

I got this game idea when I found myself routinely trying to stop a timer at a ’round’ value while at the gym. I built a simple prototype that I shared around with friends and noticed the hook it had. Which is why I decided to share it with the world.

How to play?

There’s not much to say here. You have five rounds and in each round, you’ll try to stop a timer as close to four seconds as possible.

You start each game with 1000 points. Hitting the bullseye and stopping the timer at 4:00 earns you 1000 more. You also get some credit (100 points) for stopping the timer close to four seconds – don’t get too excited though, “close” means a hundredth of a second close (3:99 or 4:01).

More than that and you’ll start losing points fast. Hit 3:97 and you’ll lose 30 points. Hit 3:80 and you’ll lose 200. You get the idea.

Hit the good stuff in a row and you’ll get extra credit plus earn another round. If you hit an achievement two times in a row, you’ll get two times the points, and so on. A seriously fun way to top up your, probably, pretty low score.

Four Seconds


Existing features:
Climb up the ranking: start from Novice and reach up to Master level, the ultimate stopwatch guru
Check your stats: track how many rounds you’ve played, how many times you’ve hit the good stuff and your average penalty
Try and reach the top of a global leaderboard
Share high scores and achievements
No ads, no hidden costs

Upcoming features:
Daily and all-time leaderboards
Challenge friends
Apple watch version
App themes



Four Seconds

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