Evader! – A TRON style avoider game we want to play in VR!!!

Just like full cream milk, Full Fat doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to the games they publish for iOS and Android. For fans of the 2010 Disney Movie TRON, Evader! is a dazzling new game for iOS and Android with TRON-like vibes you won’t want to miss!

Evader! (by Full Fat) features one of the simplest control systems we’ve ever really seen in an avoider game and it is awesome. Sorry guys, you are so getting copied by some “other” publishers & developers we won’t mention here… 😅

Played by tapping on the 4 different sides of an endless square tube, your mission in this game is to help a speeding neon spaceship avoid wave after wave of obstacles as you gradually build up speed – making the game harder and harder to keep up with.

You may have noticed we used the word “gradually” in the sentence above which was actually kind of deliberate. Surprising as this may sound Evader! doesn’t actually start out all that fast or impossible. Whereas most avoider games we played in 2016, 2017, and even most of 2018 focused on speed, Evader! uses creative new ways of making the game more difficult over time, which is a trend we are really enjoying!

If you’ve never really been all that good at avoider games, this is one you should definitely check out!

Jumping into the visuals, Evader! is a dazzling game to look at. Because the game starts out slow, you are actually given a chance to look at and appreciate the beautiful neon colored graphics as they whizz past your ship. For anyone who appreciates games that pay attention to small, minute details, you’ll love playing Evader! 

The Conclusion

With beautiful graphics, a bunch of different ships for you to unlock, not too many Ads (yet) and most importantly, an original gameplay mechanic, this is a game we really enjoyed playing. And hopefully, you will too. 😆

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