Greedy Bunnies – make life brighter!

Everybody loves rabbits, and rabbits like carrots. Help these cute bunnies make their way to carrots and surmount all the hurdles! Greedy Bunnies is an exciting and addictive adventure Match 2 (NOT Match 3!) game with hundreds of smart and balanced levels you can play everywhere. Greedy Bunnies is completely free to play with only a few optional purchase options. NO AGE RESTRICTION, JUST ABSOLUTE FUN! 😆

Who We Are

In 2003, the Friends Games Company became the first casual game development studio in Western Ukraine – and this is where Zagrava Games’ journey began. Since 2010, Zagrava Games has had +50 successful projects – some of which are featured in the Bigfish Games’ “Top-Rated Games of All Time” list. As of 2014, Zagrava Games progressed to independent production and is excited to see what the future holds! Learn more about us here:

We LOVE games, we PLAY games and we CREATE games. So we know how difficult is to find a really nice game among the innumerable quantity of games released every day. Those games want you to play and PAY, share and invite, and all these features kill the fun of playing.

Having almost 10 years of experience in the gaming industry our team did its best to make a game you can play anytime and anywhere, without a dime forcefully spent in the game. Our game starts in an instant and doesn’t require an internet or server connection. It was designed to keep the best traditions of old school games where the player gets everything after a single download.

Understandable mechanics and easy controls make the game suitable for all ages. Our approach has been proved by the excellent reviews the game got from Casual Connect, DevGAMM and White Nights conferences.

How To Play

  • Match 2 pre-selected mushrooms shown in the top-right corner to collect them.
  • You can match the mushrooms horizontally or vertically. Match direction is not important, nothing matters other than the mushrooms’ color.
  • If a stone blocks your bunny’s way to a carrot, move it to the lower row by making a match below and clearing a cell under the stone.
  • When a stump blocks the way, you have to clear any row below it to make it fall down.
  • When you see a cloud on the field, make a match above it to move it higher. But be careful, clouds are insidious and can drop back when a lower row is cleared!
  • Sometimes the situation looks no-win. Worry not and use your boosters!
  • Don’t forget to claim your Daily Bonus!

Interested? Download it from iTunes, Play Market or Amazon AppStore and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose – the game is free. Try it now!


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