Jumpy Frogs

Command the frogs to solve puzzles and unlock interesting facts about frogs and other amphibians. Jumpy Frogs is designed for all ages, its simple design and amazing environment makes it fun and easy to play.

The idea is based on the old Peg Solitaire logic where you need to learn to think a few moves ahead. Jumpy Frogs takes it to a whole new level. My main objective when developing Jumpy Frogs was to make it interesting for everyone to play, not only for the hardcore gamers but also others who normally don’t play games.

Jumpy Frogs teaches the player to think ahead through increasingly challenging levels, starting with simple levels and gradually teaching the player to think ahead while having fun.

I wanted to make Jumpy Frogs look and feel amazing. Unreal Engine 4 is no doubt among the best engines out there, and I feel privileged to have been able to use Unreal Engine 4 to develop Jumpy Frogs.

The only real limitation in the development of Jumpy Frogs was the capabilities of the mobile devices it was targeted toward. Of course, I wouldn’t have been happy if Jumpy Frogs would only run on new devices, so I made sure everything was polished and well optimized to work well on older devices as well as new ones.

Jumpy Frogs

How to play?

Select a frog and tap on an empty lilypad in order to make the frog jump – your frog can only jump if another frog is in-between the selected frog and the empty lilypad. To win, you must have only one frog remaining in the game by eliminating all others.

Frogs can jump in six ways and there are a total of 4 modes:

The first mode is jumping one frog over other frogs.

The second is a mode with teleporter stones that teleport the first frog that lands on it. The frog is teleported to the other teleporter stone with the same color. This happens only once per colored teleporter stone. Afterward, the teleporter stone loses its energy and acts like a normal lilypad for the remainder of the game.

The third mode introduces a magic frog. These frogs are black colored and are just like other frogs but once you tap it three times in a row, you cast a spell and after two seconds of magical build up, it magically explodes and makes all nearby frogs magically disappear. This can be especially useful when you need to clear frogs that are stuck in corners and cannot be jumped over. If other frogs jump over the magic frog, it will magically disappear just as other frogs do.

The fourth mode is a combination of teleporter stones and magic frogs. Here you need to use the teleporter stones in such a way that you bring the magic frog to a correct destination where you cast the spell. You’ll need to think ahead and prepare the path for the magic frog to reach its destination.

Jumpy Frogs


Included is an “AI Helper” available as a one-time in-app purchase, so if you get stuck on a level, or just don’t know where to start, you can hit the “Puzzle” button and the frogs will solve the level for you! You can hit stop at any time and continue playing the game yourself.

As you play, you also unlock interesting facts about frogs and other amphibians that you can read about in the game’s library. These interesting facts were gathered from various sources and are fully available in both the paid and free versions. (Jumpy Frogs Lite/Free Apple App Store & Google Play).

★ 120+ unique levels with 4 modes.
★ Check back often for new levels, colors, translations and other updates.
★ Use frog jumps, teleporter stones, and magic frogs to solve puzzles.
★ Use the AI Helper and the frogs will help you.

★ This game is educational.
★ Learn about frogs and other amphibians while playing.
★ More translations will follow periodically.
★ Connect to Facebook & invite friends to play Jumpy Frogs.


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Jumpy Frogs

About – Jurij Gantar

My name is Jurij Gantar and I’m an indie game developer. The development of Jumpy Frogs took a long time and there were many obstacles. There were many things I had to do and learn in order to keep going. I had to invest so much time and effort into all this.

With Jumpy Frogs my main objective was to get it finished and get the game out there. I had worked on other games in the past, but Jumpy Frogs is my first published game. I did my best so I feel proud I can now share Jumpy Frogs with you. I look forward to creating more, and even better games in the future.

Have lots of fun playing Jumpy Frogs!

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