Do you like helping people? If so, Gibbets: Bow Master (by HeroCraft and HypnoCat Studio) is the perfect game for you.😉 Help put hanging people out of their suffering the quick and easy way using your trusty bow and arrow! Simply aim and fire!!! 💀

…ok, we were joking…

Gibbets: Bow Master isn’t a game about shooting helpless people who are already suffocating to death, in fact, it is actually quite the opposite. Played using a bow and arrow – as stated above – your mission in this game is to shoot the rope hanging your friends before they die… using your trusty bow… and an infinite supply of arrows.

Played by touching and dragging anywhere on the screen of your device in order to aim and fire, your time limit in this game is literally how long your friends can hold their breath – which in most cases isn’t very long.

To make things worse, the arrows you are shooting can injure or even kill your friends – which would in a sense put them out of their suffering – but isn’t exactly what you want to be doing.😅 They are your friends after all.

With both an (Endless Mode) and a (Challenge Mode) for you to try out, a bunch of different unlockable skins you can use to decorate your hanging buddies, and not too many Ads, Gibbets: Bow Master is fun, simple and easy to play!

Our only complaint with Gibbets: Bow Master is the fact that every so often your arrow will decide to go totally ballistic and shoot off in the opposite direction to which you were aiming(?) which doesn’t make any sense and is kind of annoying… We have no idea why this happens – for all we know it could even be the device we are using – but if it happens to you it is kind of annoying.😕

The Conclusion

With not too many Ads, simple controls, and a mission that actually makes sense, Gibbets: Bow Master is a fun little game we expect players who like silly things will really enjoy!

…just try not to hit any of your friends…

Want to give Gibbets: Bow Master a try? The download link is just below.📲
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