Bouncy Cats – But This Game Has Kittens!

We won’t even pretend to not know what inspired this game… Today we’ve got a game that was quite obviously heavily inspired by the popular game Ballz by Ketchapp and sealedlab but hey, you can’t beat cats!

For players who have already played Ballz, Bouncy Cats by GalacticThumb is basically the exact same game just with much cuter pixel graphics and cats! Yes, Cats! …End of Review…

…Now, for players who would like just a little more info, both Ballz and Bouncy Cats are basically based around the exact same core mechanic as the classic game Breakout just slightly modernized for mobile devices.

Featuring a gameplay system that revolves around smashing bricks, (or fruit), using not 1 or 2 but as many balls as you can possibly collect, both Ballz and Bouncy Cats are basically centered around machine-gunning as many balls as possible up at a cluster of bricks positioned at the top end of your screen.

Each brick is labeled with a number signifying the number of times you’ll need to hit it before it finally gives way. This means you’ll need to choose wisely when deciding where to shoot in order to clear the most bricks with a single shot… A very important skill to have later on in the game…

For players who have already tried Ballz and hated it. We highly recommend you give Bouncy Cats a try. Although essentially the same game, the difficulty level in Bouncy Cats seems to be slightly lower, meaning you should survive for a little longer making the game just a little more enjoyable!

Are you in need of a game that features a gameplay system we already know and love together with what may just be the king of the modern internet, CATS!?

If so, Bouncy Cats is the game for you! …Unless of course, you want something slightly crazier like Laser Kitty Pow Pow…🙄

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