Spin Out

Do you have a friend that seems more robot than human? A friend that always seems to do everything right, just in the most boring and robotic manner possible…? Today we’ve got a game “your friend” will probably excel at…

Spin Out is a game about rotating a bunch of slowly expanding squares in order to match the orientation of a large central black square positioned at the center of your screen. Once your squares are aligned you can simply swipe up on the screen of your device in order to fully expand your square and move on to the next one, (hopefully) before things get too cluttered.

Rotating squares is easy thanks to the (clicky) fashion in which they rotate, and with a little un-flustered clear reasoning, you should be capable of almost instinctively finding the fastest method of getting your square into the correct orientation… In theory…

Unfortunately, managing to stay cool while playing this game is almost as hard as acting unexcited at a theme park! Although possible, it definitely isn’t the easiest thing to do, and so you’ll probably spend most of your time mindlessly rotating cubes in one direction, (either left or right), no matter how they are orientated to begin with…

With a colorful set of almost minimalist style graphics, 50+ hand-crafted levels for you to battle your way through, and an endless mode to test out whether your cool robotic friend is actually a cool person… This is a game we’d recommend to anyone with a mischievous friend annoying plot in mind.

So, are you ready to test out your (or your friends) skill to solve simple puzzles under immense time pressure? If so, Spin Out is another great game you can use to transform yet another good friend into a bloodthirsty enemy.

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