Looking at the video thumbnail above, ⬆️ what are the first 3 words that come to mind? Chances are they weren’t, “Visually-Stunning”, “High-Quality”, or “Beautiful.”

Flap Trip isn’t a gorgeous game. In fact, it is actually quite the opposite. With a miss-matching set of low-end pixel graphics, star designs that look strikingly similar to the stars seen in a certain “other” game, plus a bunch of other things we’re sure we’ve seen “somewhere” before, this game looks like a copyright nightmare… and it probably is…!

All this said, Flap Trip is one of those games you download just to see how bad one game could possibly be, and an hour later you’re still playing.🕐

Played using a mind numbingly slow gameplay system, your mission in this game is to flap into the air by tapping on either the (Left) and/or (Right) sides of your screen in order to take to the sky and collect stars and coins while avoiding obstacles.

The gameplay system is simple, (and rather slow), yet strangely addictive in the most annoying manner possible. Although playing Flap Trip doesn’t really feel that hard at first, the moment things start taking a turn for the worse you’re in trouble…

A little like how things behave in QWOP, no matter how hard you try it seems almost impossible to get yourself out of a bad situation… Forcing you to play the game just one more time…

The Conclusion

If you don’t really care about the “visually-stunning-ness” of the games you choose to play, Flap Trip is actually a surprisingly fun and addictive game you may actually enjoy.

“Never judge a game by its graphics…”

Want to give Flap Trip a try? The download link is just below.😉

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