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Platformer games are one of the oldest game genres, yet they are still very successful today. Just think, the first such games appeared in the distant eighties! If you argue that, “Back then the alternatives just weren’t good enough!”, then how can we explain the current popularity of platformer games?

Well, platformers usually look pretty nice, without requiring an exorbitant capacity, they are quite complex, dynamic and interesting. Plus nostalgia, we’re not the same without them. Today, let’s look at FoxyLand — a fresh new platformer from BUG-Studio.



FoxyLand tells the love story of two foxes. “The Girl,” is kidnapped by The Evil Eagle from right out of our hero’s paws. Now, your young Fox will have to venture through level after level and make his way through infinite traps, all to battle The Evil Eagle and finally become reunited with his darling.

Quite a typical storyline for a platformer, isn’t it? Except, of course, the fact that our protagonist is not, for example, a plumber and is instead a Fox.🦊



As for the gameplay, it is more or less standard:

Run through each level, jump on platforms (hence the name of the genre), and beware of traps. Your fox can Jump, Double Jump and Bend Down. Your goal is to collect all the Crystals and go on to the next level using the house at the end.

Other than Crystals, you will also want to collect Cherries. Although it is not obligatory for you to find and collect them all, Cherries will be required when you are ready to start pumping the appearance of your Fox. You can go on to the next level without them, but if you want your Fox to look cool you will want to collect as many as you can! Yes, Cherries are used to dress your character!


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