Timing Hero VIP – Is “Button Mashing” The Best Strategy?

Trying to remake a classic 8-bit game on a smartphone with over a million pixels, no physical buttons and more computational power than the computers that were used to create the originals seems almost stupid… Yet it is something almost every indie developer tries to do…

Timing Hero VIP (by Buff Studio) is yet another 8-bit dungeon adventure style RPG that has been designed to (sort of) work on mobile. Played using one “Attack” button, three “Dodge” buttons, and a few “Swipe Gestures” which are used to counterattack the monsters you are fighting, Timing Hero VIP is a fairly simple game that is probably best described as just the battle system in an 8-bit RPG.

With no real exploration features, you won’t spend any time exploring dungeons in this game. Instead, you will spend 90% of your time-fighting enemies and the other 10% powering up your hero with the XP you gain during battles.

The battle system is fairly simple and consists of mashing the “Attack” button until your opponent eventually decides to attack. Once your opponent decides to attack, you are given aproxemetly 1 second to work out which direction in which you need to dodge in order to avoid getting hit. Very challenging… 

As you can probably imagine, dodging an attack in under 1 second is (for a lot of players) pretty much impossible, meaning we expect many players to play in the same way we did. (i.e. power up your player’s “Attack” so high that you can destroy most enemies before they actually have a chance to fight back…)

Depending on what type of game you find addictiveTiming Hero VIP may be just the game you’ve been waiting for. Featuring a relatively high level of functionality without adding a whole heap of extra features you will likely never use, and a gameplay system that actually rewards skill, (it isn’t all about upgrading your player), this could be just the game you’ve been looking for.

All this being said, Timing Hero VIP comes at a cost we find difficult to justify. ($5.49) Especially considering just how many great games with essentially the same level of functionality are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for free…

The Conclusion

Ultimately it comes down to just how much you are willing to pay for something. If you feel that Timing Hero VIP is exactly what you’ve been looking for congratulations. Personally, we feel that the game is a little-overpriced considering what the competition is…

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