Have you ever imagined how much better life would be if only you were a Jedi…? Stuck in traffic? Force Push those cars aside! Low on cash? Find an ATM and… Ok, maybe we’d make better Sith than Jedi…😅

Force Escape isn’t (as Google seems to think) a command that allows you to Force Quit any crashing program, but is instead a minimalistic game about a rounded spacecraft like thing(?), and you (a.k.a. The Force!)

Set in a beautifully minimalistic world, your mission in this game is to use the power of the force in order to knock away any obstacles that could (and eventually will) cause peril for you and your ship’s inhabitants. The game is super simple and easy to play, simply touch and drag on the screen of your device in order to move a small cluster of indestructible force (The Force!) which you can use to knock away pretty much anything!

Easy as this may sound, the sheer number of obstacles you are faced with from the very beginning of this game is insane! With massive obstacles that are actually fairly easy to scatter away, as well as tiny things that are hard to hit and constantly get in your way, Force Escape although simple, isn’t exactly an easy game to play. 😕

Now, for anyone struggling to play this game, we do have a few tips. (Tip 1) Keep your force ball under (or as close to) your finger as possible. That way it is much easier to control. (Tip 2) Don’t try to smash everything, only move the obstacles that are an immediate threat to your ship. Other than that, you’re on your own…😱

With a simplistic design aesthetic overall, a bunch of different ships for the grand masters of this game to unlock, and a handy(?) in-game tutorial that explains how to play the game every time you re-open the app, Force Escape is a game you will always know how to play, no matter how forgetful you are.

The Conclusion

If you’re in need of a simple minimalistic game you will struggle to play for a stretch of longer than 2 minutes without dying, then this is the game for you! With simple controls, impossible levels and a minimal number of ads, there really isn’t a lot to complain about… until you’ve died 5 times in 2 minutes…💀

So are you ready to give Force Escape a try? The download link is just below.📲
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