Do you remember our review of Twisty Board? Well, it turns out that game was a computer simulation preparing you for the true battle – the true test of skill – the true Twisty Board 2!

For everyone who actually still remembers Twisty Board, Twisty Board 2 is a battle-oriented version of practically the same game. With bigger guns, cooler powerups, and a mission that consists of more than just surviving wave after wave of enemy missiles, Twisty Board 2 should be a lot more fun for highly skilled players.

End of Review.😜

Now, for everyone else who has no idea what we are talking about, Twisty Board 2 is a simple avoider game featuring hoverboards and guns. Set on planet earth after it was decimated by the Q’Tath (an Alien race of warlords) your mission in this game is to twist your way past countless enemy riders, turrets, and obstacles in an attempt to free humanity!

Although the game isn’t easy – especially once you start to near the end of each stage – luckily for us the controls are! By (Touching and Holding) on either the left or right sides of your screen, you can speedily swerve left or right making it extremely easy to avoid bullets and even easier to crash and die…💀

You are given a maximum of 3 lives which does make playing Twisty Board 2 a little easier than some other games we’ve played, but not a lot…

With an amazing set of 3D pixel graphics that not only look great on our hyper-modern devices but also complement the retro games we all love and enjoy, visually you’ll have a hard time finding anything to complain about in this game! Perhaps the camera angle or something…😅

Lastly, as a final punch to make this game that much more compelling, Twisty Board 2 features a minimal number of ads which is great considering just how many times you are going to die while playing this game.

The Conclusion

Twisty Board 2 is one of the few games we’ve played where playing the original isn’t really necessary in order to enjoy the game to its fullest. Whether you’ve played the original Twisty Board or not, we expect most action loving players will love this amazing game!

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