Ballz fans rejoice! has just made your life a whole lot more exciting!

If you’re a fan of the Ultra-Popular game Ballz, you are probably excited to see just how many companies and studios have jumped on the bandwagon and are now pumping out their own Ballz variations, each in their own unique style.

Battle Break by takes the variation game a step further with an ingenious fully PvP version you just can’t stop playing! 😆

Set on opposing sides of the same stage, Battle Break looks practically the same as the Ballz game we all love and enjoy. Besides having slightly less responsive controls that really bugged us at first, the only noticeable visual difference is that your blocks spawn from the middle of the screen instead of the top.

Both you and your opponent take turns shooting at blocks in the center in order to prevent them from gradually invading your side of the screen and GAME OVER.👾

In fact, Battle Break would actually be a fairly peaceful game if it weren’t for the fact that by hitting your opponent’s blocks you can increase the number of hits required to destroy each block…😈

Not only this, but 2 players means 2 times the powerups to collect! The more powerups you collect the more balls you can fire which then, in turn, means the more blocks you can destroy (or power-up) depending on what type of player you are.

Lastly, to give players just a little extra incentive to win at all costs(!), Battle Break requires you to pay an entry fee each time you start a game which is returned to you in double if you manage to win the match.

Obviously, the better players will gain money much faster than the rest of us, meaning the higher the cost of a game, the greater your chance of being matched up with a deadly opponent…😱

The Conclusion

Although we still aren’t a fan of the controls, once you get used to things, Battle Break is an amazingly fun game you won’t be able to put down. Especially if you have a bit of a gambling problem…

Need a place to show off your insane Ballz skills? Battle Break is the only game you need.

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